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Keep Your Workshop Safer with Jackaroo Jack Stand Products from PWG

You should never use a hydraulic floor jack without also using a jack stand. doing so help stabilise the vehicle and minimise the risk of it tumbling down as you change a tyre or take a look at the car’s underside. At Pro Workshop Gear (PWG), we can help you find everything you need to lift a vehicle safely and securely—from service jacks to jack stand and beyond.

The Importance of Using a Jack Stand

Why does using a jack stand matter so much? Here are a few reasons why you must pair every hydraulic or pneumatic jack purchases with a set of strong jack stand.

Floor jacks can fail: A floor jack is a terrific device to lift your car off the ground. What they aren’t meant for is supporting the weight of your vehicle for extended periods. A leak in the jack is all it takes for the system to fail. If you don’t have anything else supporting the vehicle, then it will come down—potentially a dangerous scenario.

Jack stands are meant for this purpose: While your trolley jack was never intended to support a four-tonne car, a jack stand is explicitly designed to hold weighty vehicles up for long periods at a time. Using jack stands, therefore, is a much safer way to get underneath a car than using only a floor jack. Note, to be on safe side, know how to use jack stands.

Jack stands are affordable: Even the least expensive jack system costs considerably more than a set of jack stands. Rather than risk breaking your jack and having to replace it, use the jack only to lift the car and then stabilise or support it with the more affordable jack stands. Check out our selection of jack stands to see pricing.

Benefits of Shopping with PWG

What makes PWG the right place to shop for your next jack stand set? Here are just three of the reasons that our clients come back to us repeatedly.

Our product range: We shop a wide range of mechanical workshop equipment for automotive businesses. In addition you can shop with us for hydraulic jacks, pneumatic jacks or even transmission or airbag jack systems. Beyond jacks, we stock hoists and lifts, tyre service equipment, wheel alignment systems and more.

Our quality equipment: We know that having high-quality equipment in the workshop can mean the difference between a successful vehicle service and a severe injury to a member of your crew. We help avoid these circumstances by only carrying high-quality, well-proven equipment.

Our affordable prices:

We direct import equipment into Australia ourselves, which enables us to bring in exceptionally high-quality products at affordable and competitive prices. We aren’t going through other suppliers to get our gear, nor are we selling our wares through other distributors. By cutting out the middleman, we can pass on significant savings to our customers.

About PWG

Since 1998, PWG has been working to deliver higher quality equipment to automotive workshops and service companies throughout Australia. Our goal is to make the automotive servicing and repair industry safer, starting with your workshop. Contact us today to learn more.

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