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2 post Hoist Clear floor
Description: 2 post Hoist Clear floor  36 T-Pro Line TW236PEB39 Pro-Line 2 post hoist clear floor 3,600 Kg With electrical release, Includes .....
$ 4,537.50
1 Post Hoists
Description: 1 post lift 25 tonnes - Portable - Ultra - Mobile New 2018 Model TW 125 M Ultra Ultralow, has a height of only 85mm and an arm .....
Alignment Lift
Description: The drive-on TW SA-40-V2 scissor lift for surface mounting has an ultra-flat construction (only 200 mm in height) and is therefore .....
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J-MMS680K, Jackaroo 680 Kg Motorbike Mobile Stand
Description: Jackaroo 680 Kg Motorbike Mobile Stand, has self-acting mechanical lock which can be engaged in 3 positions and swivel castors allows .....
2 post Hoist- 4.2 T Floor Plate- Heavy Duty Pro Line Car Hoist- TW242PE
Description: Our Pro-line Twin Busch floor plate 2 Post Hoist is the perfect model for the professional use with the automatic safety release locks .....
$ 4,455.00
2 post Hoist- 4.2 T Floor Plate- Heavy Duty Basic Line Car Hoist- TW242E
Description: The electric magnet locking system is the perfect and  ideal for starter model with a TOP Value for the performance ratio that can be .....
$ 4,068.90
TW242G, BASIC-Line Lift – 4,2 t – BASIC LINE- Garage Model
Description: Garage Model - Recommended for garages with limited space and low ceilings The TW242G is designed for Garages with limited space, with .....
5% D P-O
TW250, 2 post lifts – electromagnetic – HEAVY LINE
Description: The Profi Lift With 50 t lifting capacity and 3-times telescopic arms, the lift enables to lift a wide range of vehicles safely from .....
$ 5,718.90
5% D P-O
TW250B4.5, 2-post-lift – electromagnetic – clear floor – HEAVY LINE
Description: The Profi Lift This professional Lift has a lifting capacity of 5,0t and 3 stage telescopic lifting arms enabling you to lift anything .....
$ 5,938.90
J2PL35FPMU-SS, Jackaroo 2 post lift, 3.5 T floor plate,Manual Unlocking
Description: ⦁ 2 post lift 35 T with Double sides manual release and Floor plate also 4 Ton capacity available on request ⦁ Mechanical .....
J2PL45CFEU-SS, Jackaroo 2 post lift 4.5 T clear floor, electric unlocking
Description: ⦁ 2 post Lift 45 T clear floor, adjustable width, height, and electric unlocking ⦁ Height-Lifting limit switch ⦁ short and long .....
4 post Hoist 4.5 Ton – Workshop Grade Pro-Line TW445
Description: 45 tonne Workshop Grade Pro-Line 4 post hoist Elector -hydraulic four post lift Optional Upgrade to be used for  Wheel Alignment by .....
$ 5,828.90
J4PL5EU-SS, Jackaroo 4 post lift 5T Electric unlocking
Description: ⦁ Jackaroo 4 post lift 5T Electric unlocking which is Perfect for both alignment & general service application also 40 Ton .....
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High Rise Scissors Lift -3.0T Pro Workshop Grade – TWS3-19
Description: Our super heavy duty High Scissors Lift is one of the perfect solutions for all the service and repair workshops It's wide platforms .....
$ 5,934.50
Top Features
Mid Rise Scissors Lift -3.0T Pro Workshop Grade- TWS3-10E
Description: High Quality heavy duty Low rise scissor lift with 1000 mm lifting height Ideal for tyre service, painting and bodywork .....
$ 3,729.00
JASL35T-BA, Jackaroo-BA Alignment Scissor Lift 3.5T
Description: 35 T Alignment Scissor Lift with Secondary Lift Features & benefits: Control box with a self-diagnose function that means .....

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