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Does your business use Trolley jack or Pneumatic Jack on a day-to-day basis? Whether you run an automotive repair shop or an emergency roadside service, you need to have robust and dependable equipment to enable you to do your job. At Pro Workshop Gear (PWG), we can help. We stock exceptionally high-quality products for automotive businesses such as yours. From service jacks,Air Hydr Jack to complete hoist or lift systems, we can provide everything you need to get underneath a vehicle and service it thoroughly.

What You Can Expect from PWG Regarding Trolley Jacks in Sydney

When the time comes to buy new Floor jacks in Sydney, how can you be sure that PWG is the kind of dependable retailer you can trust? Here are a few factors that make us a good bet for your automotive workshop or service business.

The latest technology: We don’t sell a single product that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Whether you are buying a simple hydraulic jack or a wheel alignment machine, you can rest assured that each piece of equipment we carry features the latest technology and is dependable, durable and safe.

Affordable pricing: We directly import and distribute mechanical workshop equipment. There is no go-between with our importing process, which enables us to supply the highest quality products at extremely competitive prices.

After-sale support: We stand by the products we sell. If you have a problem with a piece of equipment from us, let us know. We can provide after-sale support to troubleshoot the issue or help you claim your warranty. Every product we carry has a 2-5 year Epic warranty.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Hydraulic Jacks

As you shop for a hydraulic jack for your workshop, consider these common mistakes and take care to avoid them.

Getting the wrong type of jack: Not all hydraulic jacks are the same. Standard hydraulic floor jacks are ideal for most cars, but you’ll want air hydraulic jacks to service heavy trucks. We also stock and sell airbag jacks and transmission jacks.

Not purchasing jack stands: A jack is an effective way to lift a car and get underneath. Once the vehicle is lifted, though, don’t rely on the jack alone to support the vehicle. A single leak in the hydraulic pump can bring the car falling on top of you. You’ll want jack stands—which we also stock at PWG—to stabilise and support the vehicle.

Failing to maintain or service the jack: Unfortunately, hydraulic jacks, air hydraulic jacks and other types of automotive jacks won’t last forever. You should inspect this gear before each use to look for cracks, leaks or other signs of damage. If you have any issues with jack performance, have it checked out by a professional.

About PWG

At PWG, we are proud to offer high-quality automotive workshop equipment, installation services, maintenance and repair service, spare parts and accessories, warranty assistance and more. Whether you are shopping for hydraulic jacks or looking to get one repaired, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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