Warranty & Terms

Our epic 1, 2, 3-warranty service for your peace of mind includes 3 codes of Warranty service

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Our 3 Epic Warranty Codes and return policy:

Code 1: 2-year standard warranty on all products that are distributed by PWG Pty Ltd or Authorised dealer unless labelled on packaging or stated on the invoiced otherwise, if so, the warranty will be covered by the minimum Australian consumers warranty standards. Terms and conditions will be applied. 

For the hoists and lifts, 2 year warranty applies only to the hoists and lifts installed by Pro Workshop Gear or Professional Hoist installer approved by Pro Workshop Gear. Also, After the first 12 months, Safety and Technical inspection must be carried out to be able to cover the second year of the full warranty. 

Code 2: up to 5-year warranty, 2 years warranty on the Electrical and Hydraulic component and 5 years on the frames and structures . Terms and conditions will be applied. 

Code 3: Epic 10-year warranty can be only provided to customers who are willing to have a maintenance contract with PWG or authorised dealer. Terms and conditions will be applied 

We accept return or exchange within 24 hours from delivery time, the customer is responsible for any damages to packaging or any sign of use and scratches due to use, installation or delivery. purchasers are responsible for return fees and charges. 10% restocking fee may be applied.  

Note:  all warranty codes cover products sold directly by PWG or Authorized PWG dealers in across Australia and New Zealand. Terms and conditions will be applied to all warranty codes.  

Warranty Policy

Pro Workshop Gear (PWG) Pty Ltd products including the brands Jackaroo and Twin Busch Germany are each manufactured and distributed for a particular purpose. Products that have been abused, misused, have normal wear and tear, have been used for other reasons than for its purpose or have not been maintained appropriately will not be covered under PWG Pty Ltd warranties. If a product/product part(s) is replaced or repaired under warranty, it stays under warranty only for the remaining balance of the warranty period.

The PWG Pty Ltd 3 Epic Warranties are subject to exclusions listed below:

To qualify for PWG Pty Ltd products warranties:

  1. The product must be purchased directly from PWG Pty Ltd or Authorised dealer in Australia and New Zealand
  2. The warranty is not transferable from the original purchaser unless approved by PWG Pty Ltd 
  3. The customer must have Proof of purchase, including the product part number where applicable.
  4. None of the products sold by PWG Pty Ltd are to be used in the marine industry unless specified otherwise 

The PWG Pty Ltd warranty does not apply to the following:

  1. Products including but not limited to fittings, chucks, grinding wheels, tyres, nozzles, vacuum bags, globes, drill bits, LED’s, springs, batteries or any other related accessories considered consumable parts,  
  2. Parts that are serviceable such as but not limited to filters, belts, globes, some particular batteries, air and hydraulic fittings and couplings, fluids, springs or any other such parts.
  3. Normal wear and tear and movable parts such as wheels, tyres, tubes, sleeves etc.
  4. Faults or other defects occurring from normal wear and tear, including parts or components of products
  5. If a Product color has been faded due to direct or indirect sunlight 

PWG Pty Ltd warranties do not apply to any damage caused from the following:

  1. Abuse, accident, misuse, alterations, lack of care and maintenance 
  2. Used for a purpose other than what it designed for  
  3. The service and maintenance guidelines/requirements have been disregarded 
  4. The instructions stated in the owner’s manual booklet has been neglected  
  5. Replacement/ use of non-genuine PWG Brands Pty Ltd spare parts and accessories other than those approved by PWG Brands Pty Ltd. 
  6. Water damage, Improper installation and storage 
  7. Operating a product on a power supply voltage different from what is specified on the product   
  8. The product has been altered without authorization, disassembled or tampered with 
  9. The product has been serviced by persons that are unauthorized by PWG Pty Ltd 

Claim Process: 

In the event of a product failure, that is still covered in the warranty period or maintenance contract, customer must inform PWG or Authorised dealer immediately in order to avoid the faulty part/product creating more damage. 

To claim warranty, parts/product must be inspected by PWG or Authorised Dealer, the purchaser is responsible for presenting PWG Pty Ltd with proof of purchase. The purchaser is responsible for all the charges related to the delivery and re-delivery of the part(s)/product(s). Damage whilst in transit is not covered by PWG Pty Ltd warranties and the purchaser is responsible for and should pack item(s) securely and remove any liquids before sending it.     

PWG and Customers responsibilities in case of return a product 

We accept return or exchange within 24 hours from delivery time. Under the Australian Consumer Law, if a product has a major fault, the customer is entitled to a full refund or replacement of the product.  The customer is responsible for any damages to packaging or any sign of use and scratches due to use, installation or delivery. Customers are responsible for return fees and charges. 10% restocking fee may be applied.

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