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    Car Hoist Special Hydraulic Oil- 5 Litre Original Jackaroo JHO5L
     Car Hoist Special Hydraulic Oil: 5 Litre, specifically designed for most vehicle Hoist and lifts you can buy this product on .....
    3 Y warranty
    Truck Jack 60Ton- Air Hydraulic Heavy Duty-Jackaroo SAHJ60-3JC
    Truck Jack -60 Ton Air Hydraulic: Jackaroo Truck Jack 60 Ton, 3 stage 60T/30T/12T Air Hydraulic Truck Jack made for trucks & buses with Only 160 .....
    $ 1,319.99
    Good Value
    2 post Hoist 4T Base Plate, Manual-Jackaroo JT400BP-M
    Manual Base Plate 2 post Hoist 4T Strong Structure, safe and easy to work, single side manual unlocking mechanism, single phase, Ideal for workshop .....
    $ 3,179.00
    Great Value
    2 post Hoist 4T Clear floor, Manual-Jackaroo JT400CF-M
    Manual Clear floor 2 post Hoist 4T Strong Structure, safe and easy to work, single side manual unlocking mechanism, single phase, Ideal for workshop .....
    $ 3,628.90
    2 post Hoist 4.5T Base Plate, Professional Grade-Jackaroo JT450BP-PRO
    2 post Hoist 4.5T Base Plate: 4.5 ton 2 post Base Plate with 24V Extra Safe Control Box locking mechanism, safety limit switch, ELECTRIC Solenoid .....
    $ 4,321.90
    2 post Hoist 4.5T Clear floor, Professional Grade-Jackaroo JT450CF-PRO
    Clear floor 2 post Hoist 4.5T 14 Bent super Strong with 24V Control Box, safety limit switch, ELECTRIC Solenoid unlock, single or 3 phase, Jackaroo .....
    $ 4,785.00
    2 Post Hoist Base Plate 5 Ton- electromagnetic locks- Jackaroo JT500BP-EP
    2 post Hoist 5T Base Plate: 5t 2 post Base Plate with 24V Extra Safe Control Box locking mechanism, safety limit switch, ELECTRIC Solenoid unlock .....
    $ 5,824.50
    2 Post Hoist Floor Reinforcement plate 1200 & 1500 -FRP120 , FRP150,
    Floor Reinforcement plate If you do not have the minimum requirements of the concrete depth and strength, Jackaroo  2 Post Hoist Floor .....
    2 post Hoist 4.2T-Base Plate- Heavy Duty Car 2 post Hoist TW242E
    Base Plate 2 post Hoist 4.2T: The electric magnet locking system 2 post Hoist 4.2T-Base Plate is the perfect and  ideal for starter model with a .....
    2 Y warranty
    Truck Wheel Balancing Machine- Twin Busch Germany,TWF-50T
    Truck Wheel Balancing Machine: Twin Busch Germany,Commercial Truck Wheel Balancing Machine, a high Quality and reliable  Machine that is suitable .....
    Great Value
    Car Tyre Changer with side swing arm-TWX-11,
    Car Tyre Changer TWX-11, Our Twin Busch brand  Robust design Car Tyre Changer with side swing mounting arm in professional workshop quality that is .....
    Super Easy
    Semi Automatic Tyre Changer,Pro Line with side swing arm-TWX-98
    Semi Auto Tyre Changer, The multi-talent Twin Busch Germany Semi Automatic Car Tyre Changer ,Pro Line Tyre Changer is perfectly fit performance tyre .....
    $ 3,739.99

    Pro Workshop Gear, Direct Supplier of Jackaroo Brand

    Your complete partner for Automotive Workshop Equipment Australia.

     Your expert of Vehicle Hoist & lifts and other Mechanical Workshop Equipment 




    Pro Workshop Gear provides a comprehensive service to its customers, including the maintenance to support whom are supplied PWG equipment across Australia.

    Pro Workshop Gear, Vehicle Host & Lifts, Tyre Changer, Floor Jacks & Workshop Equipment Direct Supplier

    Another great part of Pro Workshop Gear, is Supplying Industrial Steamer Machines such as Optima Steamers to all automotive industry and many more businesses.

    The Optima Steamer Machine comes in 2 versions, full electric and diesel, for a mobile unit that can be perfectly used for domestic and mobile car wash, detailing workshops, mechanical workshops, and wash bays, without being worried about installing an expensive water recycling system.

    Due to the extreme heat and pressure that Industrial Optima Steam produces, it is a cost-effective way to sanitise without any chemicals and is perfectly fit for food industries, wineries, and all commercial and domestic cleaning businesses.

    PWG, Pro Workshop Gear, Pro Workshop Gear Truck
    Pro workshop Gear Australia

    Ryan, CEO and Founder

    After 30 years of being in and around the auto-mechanical industry, I developed a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for tools and equipment. That’s why I founded Pro Workshop Gear to supply Automotive Workshop Equipment to Australia. This includes a 2 post hoist, 4 post hoist, parking hoist & lifts, tyre changer, wheel balancer, and service jack throughout Australia, as well as hoist installation, hoist service and repair in and around Sydney NSW.

    No corners have been cut when it comes to our products. I have been travelling around the world and researching for two years to provide OUR Australian technicians with what they deserve: the safest, latest and most efficient products.

    Many of you may know me through my previous business name of Top Tech Tools, Blacktown Tool Man, or further back to my truck mechanic business in Sydney, and WA Perth. If so, please contact us to refresh our relationship, and move on through this business. Our experience in this field is an excellent opportunity for new technicians to ask for advice, and receive the best possible service and support for your business, so contact us. We are more than happy to help.

    Oh, almost forgot, “Jackaroo” is our registered brand, so where you see that jumping kangaroo and jack, that’s us!
    Now, Pro Workshop Gear directly supplies, auto mechanical workshop equipment, Such as 2 Post Hoist, 4 post Hoist, Parking & Lifts, Tyre Changer, Wheel Balancer, Service Jack to Australia wide, as well as installation, service and repair in Sydney NSW.

    PWG is proud to have an Aussie Registered Brand called “JACKAROO” that you can trust, where you see this on a product, that means you are safe to buy and covered with at least Minimum 2-year full warranty and depending on the products it could extend to 5 years (T&C apply).

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