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Typically a top-quality car lift installation starts from around $660.00 – however, before you start any new installation, you should always have a pre-installation site inspection undertaken by a reputable car lift installation company. This will ensure that not only will the job get done correctly and safely, it will also confirm that the installation meets with the manufacturer’s instructions and that the installation complies with Safe Work NSW. As part of the pre-installation site inspection, it should include checking that the floor levelling is correct and that the concrete floor thickness and strength will take the additional lift weight, it will also confirm if the correct power source is on-site to run lift or if that needs to be connected. If you have any further questions with regards to installing a car lift, our range of services, including professional truck and car hoist assemble, installation and hoist relocation, service and repair, plus hoist safety inspection along with the choice high-quality car and truck hoists or lifts we have to offer, contact us 1300 082 002 or sales@proworkshopgear.com.au and leave the rest to us.

The thickness of the concrete slab needed for a truck and car hoist or lift depends on the type and weight of lift or hoist that is being installed.

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Typically, most truck and car hoists have a lifting capacity of between 2 to 4-ton, so that means for a 2 Post Hoist, the minimum thickness required with a 32 MPa  (megapascals – the measurement used to confirm the compressive strength of concrete), should not be less than 120mm, you can also apply the same specs for a 4-Post Hoists up to 4-ton capacity. So with a substantial increase in weight and lifting capability the garage floor concrete slab thickness should be between 150mm to 250mm for a 2-Post Hoist with over 4.5-ton to 6-ton lifting capacity, and the same for a 4-Post hoist and other Heavy Line vehicle lifts. For all other scissor and portable types of lift or hoist, the minimum concrete floor thickness should not be less than 100mm, again this depends on their design. However, there is a safe solution for the weak concrete floors, using an appropriate floor reinforcement plate.

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However, there is a safe solution when it comes to a weak concrete floor or for those that don’t meet the thickness required, and that is to install the hoist, using an appropriate floor reinforcement plate.

To learn more about how to prepare your site for a truck or car hoist installation, call out team on 1300 082 002 or email sales@proworkshopgear.com.au, and let us guide you safely and efficiently through your lift or hoist installation.

When it comes to understanding just how much room you need for a car or truck hoist, then there are a few questions you need to ask. The first being, is the garage or workshop wide enough to suit the type of hoist you’re thinking of buying? Typically, your average car or truck hoist needs the space of about one and a half vehicles. It is also important to take into consideration the fact that on some hoists the motor is on the inside of the post while others have it on the outside of the post, meaning you could need extra room.

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You also need to think about whether or not you have enough ceiling height. Ask yourself this; can you safely raise the vehicle to the full height of the hoist without damaging either it or the building? Plus, you also need to check that there is enough free space around the hoist to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions and to let you work safely.

We can help you answer all of these questions along with any others you might have, simply call us on 1300 082 002 or email us at sales@proworkshopgear.com.au, and let us be at your service.

When it comes to installing a high-quality professional truck and car hoist, it’s not as difficult as it first looks. However, before you purchase a hoist, take a minute and go through our checklist of the things you need to consider, and they include

  • Is the garage or workshop wide enough? You’re going to need the space of about one and a half vehicles in a 2-car garage to fit a hoist comfortably and safely.
  • Is there enough ceiling height to raise the vehicle without it or the building getting damaged?
  • Is the current concrete floor level and will it support the additional weight of a hoist?
  • Do you have all the necessary power to run the hoist? Most regular hoists use normal household current but some of the bigger heavy-duty truck hoists may need increased voltage.

So while installing a hoist might seem that difficult, it does need to be done correctly and safely. Our team of professionally trained hoist installers is on hand to guide you through every step of the way. Call us on 1300 082 002 or email sales@proworkshopgear.com.au for more details.

Well, of course, that’s going to depend on several things. Starting with, is your garage or workshop wide enough? Typically, the rule of thumb is that you need the space of about one and a half vehicles in a regular household two-car garage to fit a hoist. Space this size will give you more than enough room for the hoist, and to allow you the correct amount of free space around the lift to work safely.

Next, you need to make sure that you have enough headroom to raise the hoist to its maximum safe working height without damaging the vehicle or the roof of the building.

If you’re unsure about any of this, let our team of professional installers help you make the right decisions. Call 1300 082 002 or email sales@proworkshopgear.com.au, and let us take care of everything.

Well, that’s going to depend on what type of lift or hoist you’re thinking of buying. But, as a guide, you can expect to pay between $2,860 and $4,290 for a 2-Post Lift, and somewhere between $3,298 and $10,175 for a 4-Post Lift. However, if you’re thinking about either a High Rise or Mid Rise Scissor Lift then you’ll need to budget between $2,860 and $6,000. If it’s something like a 4-Post Parking Hoist, which is ideal for a medium or large SUV or it’s a vehicle stacking system that you need, then the price will be around $4,000.

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Whatever type of hoist you’re looking for we can help you. Call 1300 082 002 or email sales@proworkshopgear.com.au, and let’s find the hoist that works best for you and your workshop or garage.

Today, most 2 or 4 Post Lifts, Parking Hoists and Single Post Mobile Car Lifts are fitted with a 2.2kW electric motor, and they require a power supply of between 220 and 240v, which is similar to what you would find in most households here in Australia.

However, for some of the super heavy-duty, high rise car scissor lift that are capable of lifting over 2722 kg, which is about the same as large SUV or 4WD, then these require a 15 amp single-phase power supply, while all the other commercial, industrial car & truck hoists, need a 400v 20Amp power supply which is available in the majority of automotive repair workshops and garages.

To make sure you are connected to the right power supply for your lift or hoist, or if you have any questions regarding your lift or hoist installation, call our professionally trained installation team on 1300 082 002 or email sales@proworkshopgear.com.au, and save yourself any future hassles.

When it comes to a vehicle, hoist or in-fact any piece of workshop or garage equipment, you simply cannot afford to risk your life or that of anyone else using it. So it’s incredibly important that you have your lift or hoist serviced regularly and that any defaults or issues are immediately fixed.

It’s also worth remembering, that under the recommended Australian Standard guidelines, ‘a suitably qualified technician should undertake a major inspection annually, along with daily and weekly visual inspections by the operators’, and that failure to keep up to date with recommended routine maintenance schedules, major inspections and/or to compile any proper repair or service documentation, could leave you not only facing serious issues with your insurance company but, also with the Safe Work inspector should you or anyone else using the hoist be involved in an incident.

Contact us today and let our professionally trained team of hoist installers help you to work safe – call 1300 082 002 or email sales@proworkshopgear.com.au, and enjoy total peace of mind.

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