4 Post Hoists

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4 post Hoist STD 3.6T, Parking Hoist & Car Stacker, Jackaroo JFP3.6STD
4 post Hoist STD 3600Kg Car Parking hoist, suitable for workshops & home garage ,if you have limited space now you have a safe solution and .....
$ 3,599.00
4 post Hoist 3.6T, Ex Height, Car parking Hoist- Jackaroo JFP3.6HL-Pro
4 post Hoist 3.6T: Extra Height and Length, Mobile  4 post hoist , Car parking Hoist suitable for medium and large SUV, Car Workshop, Car Parking, .....
$ 3,999.00
4 Post Hoist 4.5 Ton- professional grad-Jackaroo JFP4.5PRO
 4 Post Hoist 4.5 Ton: Now, It comes with free 3.5 ton low profile floor jack (Jackaroo Brand)  4.5 Ton 4 Post Hoist , 415V  Elector .....
$ 5,280.00
4 Post Hoist-6.5 Ton, professional grade-Jackaroo-JFP6.5-Pro
4 Post Hoist-6.5 Ton: Now, It comes with free 22 ton pneumatic truck jack 22T Air Release 4 post hist, 6500 Kg with Control Box & Suitable .....
$ 9,799.00
4 post Hoist 4.5 Ton – Workshop Grade Pro-Line Twin Busch Germany
 4 post Hoist 4.5 Ton: Professional Workshop Grade Pro-Line, with 24V control box Elector -hydraulic four post lift. Optional Upgrade to be .....
Sliding Jack- for 4 Post Hoist, Car Parking Hoist- Jackaroo JSJM
 Sliding Jack for 4 post hoist: Sliding jack a perfect accessory for your 4 post or Car Park lift that allow you to easily jack up and remove .....
Sliding Jack 2 Ton – for 4 Post Hoist, air operated, Jakcaroo -JSJA2
Sliding Jack 2 Ton: Sliding Jack 2 Ton  air operated compatible for 4 post hoist and car parking hoist, air operated Jackaroo Brand   .....
$ 1,098.90
Sliding Jack 3T-for 4 Post Hoist, air Operated, Jackaroo JSJA3
 Sliding Jack 3T: 3 ton Sliding Jack 3t a perfect accessory for your 4 post Hoist that allow you to easily jack up and remove wheels or any under .....
$ 1,208.90

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