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Pro Workshop Gear has been in the automotive service and repair industry since 1998. For the past ten years, Pro Workshop Gear, in conjunction with Jackaroo our own Australian brand have been distributing tools and automotive service workshop equipment to workshops across Australia with great success.

Many things set Pro Workshop Gear apart from other automotive equipment workshop suppliers. In our workshop, we use the very same hoists, tyre service equipment, other automotive repairs, and diagnostic equipment we provide to workshops all over Australia.

We know the quality and capabilities of our automotive service workshop equipment and believe in them. Other services you’ll find merely sell automotive workshop equipment, and have never actually used it themselves in a real automotive workshop environment, which can be a costly mistake.

Pro Workshop Gear operates in the automotive service and repair industry; we understand what you need your workshop hoists, service jacks, and all the equipment in your automotive workshop to do. We also understand why you need automotive servicing equipment, what you expect from it, and that you want a return on investment from it.

Our mission is to provide you with top-quality automotive workshop equipment, for the best price, in one complete service. And, this applies whether you are an automotive tools and equipment supplier, car or truck repair and service workshop, plant and heavy equipment machinery repair service, car dealer or have a private workshop at home.

These days most of the services sell workshop service equipment that is out of date, or that is not directly used by the suppliers, which can be confusing and costly, even for the most experienced automotive workshop service.

With Pro Workshop Gear you’ll have the peace of mind that we’re right there beside you and can supply you with the latest automotive workshop equipment. This way you can complete more servicing jobs faster, save time, money and energy and receive everything you need in one complete service. To discover more about the Pro Workshop Gear automotive workshop equipment range, with a complimentary information guide, or check out our great business opportunities?

Simply complete the contact request form by clicking here. We will get back to you within 48 hours with the relevant info you require. Also, you will find out about the people who use our services and who are Pro Workshop Gear and Jackaroo.



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