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Original Jackaroo Special Hydraulic Oil- 5 Litre
Features: Original Jackaroo Hydraulic Oil Appropriate for 95% of all vehicle hoists Mineral EP-Hydraulic Oil with wear protection .....
SAVE: $6
$ 38.50 $ 31.90
3 Y warranty
Truck Jack- Air Hydraulic Heavy Duty 3 stage 60T-30T-12T- SAHJ60-3JC
Description: 3 stage (60T/30T/12T) Air Hydraulic Jack made for trucks & buses with Only 160 mm low that suitable for the maintenance and .....
SAVE: $87.18
$ 1,688.70 $ 1,592.80
2 post Hoist Clear floor
Description: 2 post Hoist Clear floor  36 T-Pro Line TW236PEB39 Pro-Line 2 post hoist clear floor 3,600 Kg With electrical release, Includes .....
$ 4,537.50
2 Y warranty
Truck Wheel Balancing Machine TWF-50T
Description of our Truck Wheel Balancing Machine that also dose cars Professional workshop grade with tyre lift up Equipped with a pneumatic .....
$ 4,235.00
Top Value
Wide Clamping Tyre Changer- Fit for mechanical and tyre shops – TWX-31
Description: Tyre changer with pneumatically operated tilting back column and integrated air-booster in the clamping jaws system for standard, low .....
$ 3,135.00
Top Value
Pro-Line Car Tyre Changer- with Assist Arm , TWX-36
Description: High Performance Automatic car Tyre changer with pneumatically operated with tilting column and integrated air-booster in the clamping .....
$ 4,618.90
Super Easy
Semi Auto Car Tyre Changer, Pro – TWX-98
Description of Semi Auto Car Tyre Changer, Pro Line with side swing arm design: The multi-talent Twin Busch brand Pro Line Tyre Changer is a .....
$ 4,167.90
Great Value
Car Tyre Changer with side swing arm TWX-11
Description of Car Tyre Changer: Our Twin Busch brand  Robust design Car Tyre Changer with side swing mounting arm in professional workshop .....
$ 2,585.00
Top Feature
TWF-95, Wheel Balancer automatic – TFT- colour screen
Description: An automatic wheel balancer for professional use with a laser positioning system and LED light Equipped with TFT color monitor and 2 .....
$ 3,729.00
Heavy Duty
Truck Tyre Changer – 14″ – 26″ TWX-00T
Description: Our super heavy duty elector hydraulic tire changer for trucks and industrial vehicles professional truck tyre changer for tyre .....
$ 7,535.00
1 Post Hoists
Description: 1 post lift 25 tonnes - Portable - Ultra - Mobile New 2018 Model TW 125 M Ultra Ultralow, has a height of only 85mm and an arm .....
Top Value
Wheel Balancer- Basic Line TWF-00
Description: Semi-Automatic Wheel Balancer - Basic Line is a perfect machine for car mechanical workshops as well as the small tyre shop that is .....
$ 2,585.00
2er-Set Abfahrrampen für die TW 445
Description: Set of 2 Ramps for the TW 445 Perfect for quick service With these ramps it is possible to drive off the lift in the same .....
3 piece Tyre iron set – TW 1535
Description: 1x Lenght 400 mm 1x Lenght 500 mm 1x Lenght 600 .....
3, 4 and 5 bolt circle adapter TW X-93AD
Description: Adapter for French rims Universal adjustable for all bolt circles Also for all TW- wheel balancers and for TW .....
Description: Fixed bolt-circle (for example for Peugeot) Bolt circle 4 x 108 Clamping .....

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