Truck Column Lift

PWG Can Supply, Install and Service Your Next Truck Column Lift

PWG, Pro Workshop Gear is known for the high quality mechanical workshop equipment we import, supply, install, and service, including your next Truck Column Lift or Truck Hoist . If your shop is servicing trucks, you need a lift that can handle the weight to get the job done. We don’t just have the elevator to sell you; we can handle all aspects of its delivery and installation, even offering product demonstrations if you want to see one in action before you buy.

What Sets PWG Apart Regarding Truck Hoist Machines

Not every workshop can handle the specific needs of trucks. These larger vehicles often need specialised tools designed for a car of their size. You need to be sure that the machines you buy to help you service trucks are built to handle the strain and the best way to ensure this is by working with an automotive servicing equipment company that understand your needs and offers the best quality equipment. Here are a few ways in which we fit that bill:

We don’t just sell equipment; we deliver it to your shop and install it as well. Our involvement doesn’t end at installation either; we are here to offer any needed servicing for the equipment we sell to maintain its best working condition.

Our experienced team is here to help you when you are unsure which product is right for you. Our website includes comprehensive information on all the equipment we offer, including videos and manuals. We are also available for technical consultation and can provide demonstrations in our showroom.

In addition to servicing after the sale, we offer a hassle free Warranty which extends from 2-5 years on our equipment. This guarantee can give you peace of mind, knowing that we will be there to keep your machines working and earning.

Problems a Truck Wheel Balancer from PWG Addresses

Truck tyres are a significant investment for any fleet and with the heavy hauls trucks can take, the wear and tear to their tyres can be higher than with consumer vehicles. This rate of use makes wheel balancing that much more important for extending the lifetime of truck tyres. Our wheel balancer helps in the following ways:

When you service trucks, you need a wheel balancer designed to handle the larger wheels on commercial vehicles. Without one, your trucking customers might go to another, better-equipped shop for all their service.

Efficiency can make or break your workshop. If you are servicing trucks without a Truck Hoist capable of handling them, removing the wheels to rotate and balance them will take your team a lot more time, limiting the number of trucks you can service.

Another tool to aid in efficiency is a truck wheel dolly. This tool will enable you to lift the vehicle to install single and duplex tyres quickly.

About PWG

Pro Workshop Gear has been in the automotive service and repair business since 1998, distributing automotive workshop equipment to shops across Australia. We know and use our equipment ourselves, so we stand by the quality and capabilities of the machines we offer. You can count on that experience when you come to us for your equipment and servicing. If you would like to discover more about our range of automotive workshop equipment and receive a complimentary information guide, contact us today.

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