“Seven Benefits of Pro Workshop Gear.”

With a comprehensive range of the latest automotive workshop equipment to choose from, Pro Workshop Gear in conjunction with Jackaroo and Twin Busch Germany set a new standard in how your workshop will operate and function.
From parts washing tanks to automotive post lift hoists to tyre service equipment, latest Chemical free steam cleaning and washing system , latest and brightest work lights we serve a large sector of businesses in the automotive service and repair industry and are well known for our quality products and premium personal service.

Pro Workshop Gear provides many benefits to you, which include: 

1. Save Thousands or More Buying Direct – We supply all our automotive servicing equipment directly, so you receive the benefit of saving thousands or tens of thousands of dollars compared to buying the same or similar automotive workshop service equipment retail. Buying direct benefits, you because you can reduce your automotive workshop equipment purchasing costs and keep more cash flow in your business, all without sacrificing the performance or the quality of the equipment you purchase.

2. Three codes of exclusive warranty services:

Code 1:  2-year standard warranty on all products that are distributed by PWG Pty Ltd or Authorised dealer unless labelled on packaging or stated on the invoiced otherwise, if so, the warranty will be covered by the minimum Australian consumers warranty standards. Terms and conditions will be applied.  

Code 2:   up to 5-year warranty can be offered to customers and may applied only to some parts of a machines /equipment’s and tools, also who are willing to purchase extra warranty for their peace of mind have our immediate supports. Terms and conditions will be applied. 

Code 3: Epic 10-year warranty can be only provided to customers who are willing to have a maintenance contract with PWG or authorised dealer. Terms and conditions will be applied.

3. Quality Assurance Process & Testing – Every pole hoist, tyre service equipment’s, wheel alignment system and all the other automotive workshop equipment we sell has to pass a stringent testing and quality assurance process from start to finish. This guarantees you receive premium quality workshop equipment and the integrity of our service and products are of the highest standard. 

4. Optional Five– or Ten-Year Maintenance & Scheduled Tailor-Made Servicing Package – We pride ourselves on making the process of buying the equipment for your automotive workshop easy and profitable for the long term. To support this, you can take advantage of tailor-made maintenance and scheduled servicing package and pricing for five or ten years upon request and subject to the automotive equipment products you purchase. 

5. Optional Extended Warranties – Pro Workshop Gear believe in the automotive workshop equipment we supply to you, which is why you can receive extended warranties on a range of our automotive servicing equipment for peace of mind. Upon request and subject to which products you require, we might be able to offer an extended warranty. 

6. We Useand Test the Same Automotive Service Equipment We Sell – An additional benefit many of our customers value is that Pro Workshop Gear use the very same hoists, tyre service equipment and other automotive repair and diagnostic equipment in our automotive workshop as well. So we know the quality and capabilities of our automotive service workshop equipment, what you need your automotive equipment service to do and why you need the best quality pole hoists, wheel alignment equipment and other automotive equipment there is. 

7. Quality that proves its worth time and time again – With Pro Workshop Gear and the exclusive range of Jackaroo and Twin Busch Germany automotive service workshop equipment, you can rest assured our products are the highest quality and guaranteed to improve your business’s performance, technology, customer service and profit margins. 

Additional benefits you’ll receive from Pro Workshop Gear include: 

  • The complete service – Pro Workshop Gear supplies the entire service and can provide every piece of automotive and truck workshop you can think of, so you save time and money. 
  • Find it for you service – Our comprehensive range of automotive workshop equipment is always updating to meet our customers’ needs. So in the event you cannot see the automotive workshop equipment you need, we can source it for you using our extensive network of automotive equipment suppliers. You’ll still be buying direct and saving your time, energy and money. 
  • Expert advice – Being involved in the automotive industry since 1998, it gives you peace of mind and that Pro Workshop Gear know the automotive workshop and service industry and our equipment inside and out. 

Product Demonstrations available on request – Another benefit you can receive from Pro Workshop Gear is that we’re happy to give you a demonstration of the workshop equipment you’ve bought, which some customers take advantage of, and others do not. This choice is entirely up to you. 

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