Save Money

Simplify Your Operations

Optima Steamer saves your valuable time and reduces unnecessary stress by providing you all the solutions for your deep cleaning, stain-removing, sanitizing, and versatile detailing needs. Without the need for chemicals and additional appliances, the revolutionary Optima Steamer encompasses the very essence of efficiency and versatility.

In most business areas of mobile car wash, Optima Steamer can eliminate the need of the following: a pressure washer, a generator above 500 kW, an air compressor, a wash mat, a water reclamation system, an over-sized water tank, a waste tank, and most chemicals for degreasing, washing and rinsing.

Reduce Your Costs

While each cleaning system with Optima Steamer requires an initial investment, it makes you easily makes up for the cost within the first few months of its operation. With very little water, diesel, and high quality microfiber towels, Optima Steamer is a ready-to-go. Its all-in-one system will save you money on water and an abundance of other supplies and chemicals. If you will now have one unit of the machine, opposed to several pieces of equipment, your operation and maintenance cost including fuel will reduce drastically. In addition, it will be able to expand your business model with all of the new services you will be able to offer as a result.

Expand Your Services

  • Engine Cleaning
  • Upholstery stain removal
  • Rim brake dust removal
  • Deep leather cleaning
  • Deodorizing
  • Chemical-free sanitizing

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