Make Auto Repairs Easier with a Truck or Car Hoist in Your Professional Mechanical Workshop or Home Garage.


Something that sets successful repair shops apart is having a capable car hoist to make it easier to access vehicle undersides. Your team will undoubtedly appreciate any of our vehicle hoists and will discover how these machines reduce their physical strain, which ensures that those long days in the shop don’t feel quite as long.

What Sets PWG Mechanical Workshop Equipment Apart Regarding Our Truck Hoist or car Hoists. 

There are significant benefits to working with PWG and our Jackaroo brand, as we approach our business differently from many other companies in the industry:

We procure our hoists and Lifts directly, which means you’re working with a company that keeps its costs to a minimum without sacrificing anything when it comes to supply. The result is that you can purchase a high-quality Single Post  2-post hoist or 4-post hoist scissors Lifts and Truck Column Lifts at an affordable price that will benefits every budget.

Our warranty service provides exceptional protection for you for several years. Our Epic warranties range from two to five years, depending on the machine, and our service will help you keep these machines running perfectly for their full lifespan.

Work with a single company that handles everything for you, including delivery and installation car and truck hoist service and repair as well as suppling spare parts for 2 post hoist 4 post hoist and truck hoist for Jackaroo and other brands. You can even assemble your staff for a full product demonstration once we’ve installed and tested the car hoist or Truck column lifts, so that your team knows precisely how to use the machine.

When you purchase your hoists from us, you’ll quickly discover the many benefits that come with having a quality car or truck hoist in your Mechanical workshop or garage starting with the video training and demonstration video, we also can provide installation videos to the professionals. 

Benefits of a Car Hoist in NSW and vehicle hoist AUS 

Your employees aren’t the only ones who benefit when you purchase one of these helpful machines for your repair shop. Consider several other ways that car hoists or vehicle hoists can improve your business: 

You can help more customers served due to the shortened of service and repairs, to diagnose and safety checks auto issues that require accessing the undercarriage. Not only does this increase the amount of business you can do, but it keeps your customers happier and encourages them to return next time and again.

Car lifts or Track hoist as well as other PWG or Jackaroo Mechanical Workshop Equipment will be your valuable assets as they are also helpful if you’ve been in business for a long time and have been buying our equipment and now are looking to retire, or only looking to make a move and liquidate your business. They add significant value to your shop and ensure that the company remains turnkey so that you can sell it to a new owner and get the money you deserve.

Reduce your risks of accidental injury on the job by safely lifting the car or truck on one of our Vehicle Hoists. Not only can accidents cost your business money, but even more seriously, they can severely injure you or your employees.

Why PWG and Jackaroo are Cost-Effective?

We’re in a unique position to help our clients improve the way they do business. As a direct importer, we have access to the latest and greatest machines on the market at the lowest prices. Our team can prioritise your delivery and handle the installation, service and repair for you with express speed so that you can immediately begin reaping the rewards of your new machine. Contact us to discuss which car hoists would suit your needs and fit your mechanical repair shop or home garage, it could be 4 post hoist , a 2 post hoist or even a single post car lift or truck hosts, we will advise you to have a correct machine for your needs.

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