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As the Coronavirus 2019 has spread more to all around the world, Pro Workshop Gear (sole distributor of Optima Steamer in Australia) , is currently receiving heaps of inquiries about the relation between SteamHeat and the Virus disinfecting.  Our company insists that the steam of Optima Steamer is a very useful and effetive tool against the virus. Please follow the below information to complete your knowledge and see how you would help your community and boost your business:

1. Heat is an effective way to kill viruses, according to a document from WHO. (See the webpage of https://www.who.int/csr/sars/survival_2003_05_04/en/). Also, another research indicates that a temperature of 160°F (71°C) or greater is recommended to kill most viruses. (See https://www.insider.com/what-temperature-kills-germs)

2.  Vapor heat (heating with air humidified by injection of steam) as well as dry heat is one of well-recognized methods for viral inactivation and removal, according to another paper from WHO. (World Health Organization, WHO Technical Report, Series No. 924, 2004)  

3. As seen at the below table, the temperature of steam with a standard gun and a standard hose is 135.4°C (275.7°F) at the start of an open nozzle, 85.3°C(185.54°F) at 5cm from the start, 73.3°C(°F) at 10cm from the start (Based on our test report.) So, within 10cm, Optima Steamer is considered as the best commercial useful machine that can contain the same heat temperature as well as the pressure to destroy the virus. Moreover, when an operator uses Optima Steamer with a power gun and a power hose, even at 15cm away from a steam gun, the temperature of steam is above 160°F (71°C), that is, 77.8°C.  

So, against Coronaviruses, a set of one power gun and one power hose is more useful. According to the test, at 18cm, the temperature is still 71.6°C (160.9°F). 

ModelOptima XD / DMF
Distance from the steam gunAt the muzzle of a gun5cm10cm15cm20cm
Temperature (°C)
In case of using a standard hose of 10m + a standard gun of Ø3.5mm.
Temperature (°C)
In case of using a power hose of 10m + a power gun of Ø5.5mm

4. Optima Steamer is well known to produce the most powerful and effective steam. As seen in the below table, Optima Steamer produces much more powerful steam than other steam cleaners.

Continuous Pressure4 ~ 4.5 bar7.0 ~ 8.5 bar
Dry Steam Injection Rate280cc/min340cc/min860cc/min
(power hose + power gun)

As we all know there is a link between pressure and heat. The more pressure, the higher heat, therefore In case of Optima Steamer, the temperature of steam from the boiler is 178°C but its temperature at the muzzle of a steam gun drops down to 135.4°C through the 10m standard steam hose. So, in case of the steam of lower pressure than that of Optima Steamer, there should be a much more drop of temperature through a 10m steam hose or at any distance from the steam gun.

Also, the powerful steam of Optima Steamer helps an operator to get the job done more effective and much faster. The power of steam is determined by two factors, volume and pressure.  In most cases, you don’t need to use any detergent to clean and sanitize with power of optima steamer. 

5. Now, as much more people has entered our homepage https://proworkshopgear.com.au/steam-carwash/, and we have prepared some extra information and research.

Also, you may check out the interview in the media to explain how useful Optima steamer is to minimize and control the effect of Corona viruses. (https://www.thisdaylive.com/index.php/2020/03/19/killing-bacteria-viruses-through-dry-vapor-steam/) .

Another example of Optima steamer usage is provided to clean and disinfecting police car., In china, Optima Steamer has been provided service to a police station to kill coronaviruses inside police cars.