Wide Clamping Tyre Changer- Fit for mechanical and tyre shops,Twin Busch- TWX-31

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Wide Clamping Tyre Changer

Twin Busch  Wide Clamping Tyre Changer with pneumatically operated tilting back column and integrated air-booster in the clamping jaws system for standard, low profile tyre and run-flat-tyre. also an upgrade assistant arm is available at any time if needed to do 4 wheel drive and light trucks tyres.

Our Pro-Line Tyre Changing Machine can be used to change motorcycle tires by adding  Motorcycle adapters.

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Product Presentation:



Standard Inclusions:

  • Tyre changer with a maintenance unit
  • Inflating gun and bead lever
  • Clamp protector for clamping jaws system (4 items)
  • 3 set plastic protector for mount and demount head
  • Bead press and edge protection
  • Operating and maintenance instructions
  • CE-certificate
  • Bulge down pushers

Warranty and what it covers:

  • Epic Warranty Code 1 “2-year” applied (please check terms and conditions)


  • Top built quality with CE- certificate
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001
  • Pneumatically operated tilting column
  • Top quality and massive construction
  • Wheel rim protective mounting
  • Pneumatically lock of the mount head
  • Powerful bead breaker (2500 kg)
  • Self-centred 4 clamping jaw system
  • 26 ” large turntable for cars and vans
  • Integrated air-booster in the clamping jaw system
  • Plastic protectors for demount head/jaws plastic gliders to protect rims
  • Powerful E-Motor for supply- and return lines
  • Clamping jaws made of special steel

Technical Data:

Outside clamping12“ - 24“
Inside clamping14“ - 26“
Wheel diameter (max.)45“ (1143 mm)
Wheel width (max.)16“ (406 mm)
Bead breaker force2500 kg
Air supply8-10 bar
Power supply400V/3 phases
Motor power0,75 KW / 400V
Noise level<70 dB
Weight246 kg


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