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Mid Rise Scissor Lift 3T, Pro Version-Jackaroo JSL300-1.0H-PRO

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$ 3,299.99
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1. My driveway is sealed with an even surface
2. There is reasonable vehicle access with height clearance.
3. I acknowledge the delivery is to the front door, carport, or closest practical delivery point as deemed by the driver.

Shipping Time: 2 Days


Mid Rise Scissor Lift 3T , Pro Version:

3000Kg super heavy duty mid rise Mobile scissor lift, with 2 limit switches  and lock position. 

Jackaroo car scissor lift Pro offers a High Quality heavy duty wide platforms that can Lift  mid size 4 WD & SUV up to  1000 mm  height.

3.6T Mid rise scissor lift with 1200 mm lifting height also available.

Ideal for tyre service, painting and bodywork workshops.

With electromagnetic release. No air Compressor needed. The platform can be extended by locking the drive on ramps and  a mobile kit included to move and relocate the lift easily.

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Pro Workshop Gear

Pro Workshop Gear

Standard Inclusions:

  • Power unit
  • Rubber blocks
  • Mobile cater Kit
  • CE-certificate / Safe Work
  • Instruction manual
  • Optional: Aluminum Top Platform
  • Optional: Special Hydraulic Oil



  • Top built quality with CE-certificate
  • Low drive over height
  • Mechanical synchronisation
  • High-quality solid construction
  • Two powerful hydraulic cylinders
  • Automatic safety lock
  • Electric Solenoid locking mechanism
  • Foot protection

Technical Data:

Lifting capacity3000 kg
Lifting height max.1000 mm
Min. Height105 mm
Platform Length1400-2106 mm
Lifting Time30/35 Sec.
Power supply240 V / 50 HZ
Motor power2.2 kW



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