Jackaroo Mobile Parts Washing tank

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  • Mobile Parts Washing tank with low-pressure pneumatic system
  • filtering components inside the tank to keep the liquid clear

Features & Benefits:

  • An easy moving tank without risk of liquid spilling out
  • No evaporation of liquid during idle periods
  • Easy cleaning liquid replacement
  • filtering components inside the tank to keep the liquid clean
  • The low-pressure pneumatic system enables:
  • Continuous liquid detergent flow with a brush for thorough washing
  • Washing by dipping, with the parts, dipped in the liquid detergent in the tank

Technical Data:

Article T806065
Tank Capacity65 L
Washing Tank Capacity50 L
Max Working Pressure0.5 bar
Required Quantity of Liquid65 L
Max Blowing Gun Pressure12 L/bar

Standard Inclusions: (e.g. fixings……)

  • Its standard is the same as pic.

Warranty (terms and conditions apply):

  • 2-year PWG Epic warranty against manufacturing defects



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