Jackaroo DRUM WASTE OIL DRAINER (up to 60 Kg)

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  • Waste oil drainer for 20-60Kg drums
  • Easy roll round oi drainer with adjustable height funnel

Features & Benefits:

  • Trolley waster oil drainers, ideal for use with jerry cans, drums and containers of various sizes up to 60 kg.
  • Suitable for gravity draining of engine, gearbox and differential oil from all motor vehicles placed on an auto lift or pit.
    adjustable Height
  • Oil valve on collection bowl
  • Serving as a filter, the anti-splash screen is also a useful support for draining the filter just changed


  • Trolley 44*11*90 CM3
  • Funnel 44*16*44 CM3

Standard Inclusions: (e.g. fixings……)

  • Trolley for 20-60kg containers
  • Collection bowl with oversize funnel
  • Anti-splash filter

Warranty (terms and conditions apply):

  • 3-year PWG Epic warranty against manufacturing defects

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