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Car Tyre Changer with side swing arm-TWX-11,

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Car Tyre Changer TWX-11,

Our Twin Busch brand  Robust design Car Tyre Changer with side swing mounting arm in professional workshop quality that is also dose low profile and flat tyres.

Our Pro-Line Tyre Changing Machine can be used to change motorcycle tires by adding  Motorcycle adapters.

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Product Presentation:



Pro Workshop Gear Pro Workshop Gear

Standard Inclusions: (eg fixings)

  • Car tyre changer with a maintenance unit
  • Inflating gun and bead lever
  • Clamp protector for clamping jaws system (4 items)
  • Bead press and edge protection
  • 3 set plastic protector for mount and demount head (for protection of alloy wheel rims)
  • CE- certificate


  • Top built quality with CE- certificate
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001
  • Side swing mounting arm design
  • Eccentric-tension of mount and demount head
  • Powerful bead breaker
  • Self-centered 4 clamping jaws system
  • 24“ large turntable for cars and vans
  • Tubeless tyre inflating system
  • Powerful E-Motor for supply and return lines
  • Clamping jaws made of special steel
  • Plastic protectors for mounting head/jaws
  • Top quality and massive construction Car tyre changer

Technical Data:

Outside clamping10“ - 22“
Inside clamping12“ - 24“
Wheel diameter (max.)41" (1040 mm)
Wheel width (max.)14" (355 mm)
Bead breaker force2500 kg
Air supply8-10 bar
Power supply400V
Motor power1,1 kW / 230V
0,75 KW / 400V
Noise level<70 dB
Weight211 kg

Pro workshop Gear is exclusive agent of Twin Busch Germany In Australia and New Zealand. We supply a full range of  car tyre service product like car balancing machine, car tyre changing machine and jack and jack stands.



Be sure that tyre and rim are of the same size to avoid accidents. Check for damage on the rim and tyre, if damaged it should be replaced.
Take extra care with aluminium rims as hairline cracks are difficult to see and these should not be used.

Never allow unqualified people to work on this machine, all maintenance work should be carried outby professionally trained personnel. Before any maintenance work is done disconnect the power and air supply. In order to prolong the life of your TW X-11 it is important to carry out regular maintenance and to follow the directions in the manual. Keeping your Car tyre changer in good working order will save expensive repairs and prevent injury.

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