4 post Hoist 4.5 Ton – Workshop Grade Pro-Line Twin Busch Germany

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 4 post Hoist 4.5 Ton:

Professional Workshop Grade Pro-Line, with 24V control box
Elector -hydraulic four post lift.

Optional Upgrade to be used for  Wheel Alignment by adding hydraulic Jacking beam and turntables.
The 4.5 tonne four post Hoist can lift everything from passenger cars to transporters.

The 6.5 tonne four post Hoist which lifts everything from passenger cars to light trucks, also available.

24V safe operating control box

Single side unlocking mechanism

Emergency lowering valve in case of power outage

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Product Presentation:


Standard Inclusions:

  • Four Post Lift Incl. motor unit, ramps, and installing rancher bolts.
  • Operating and maintenance instructions
  • CE-certificate
  • Optional: turntables
  • Optional: central jack ( 2 t / pneumatic)
  • Oil not included – can be optionally ordered
  • Car not included

Warranty and what it covers:

  • Epic Warranty Code 1 “2-year” applied (please check terms and conditions)


  • Top built quality with CE-certificate
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001
  • Lifting capacity of 4500 kg
  • CE-certificate
  • IP 54 control box with 24V control unit
  • 24V limit switch
  • Hydraulic overflow valve
  • Vehicle rollback protection
  • Settle beam for entire lifting height
  • Slack rope and cable break device
  • Rear sliding plates
  • Foot protection
  • Acoustic warning signal
  • Maximum wheelbase for the alignment: 3700 mm
  • Maximum wheelbase for the lift: 4100 mm

Technical Data:

Lifting capacity4500 kg
Max lifting height1850 mm
Runway length4510 mm
Runway width536 mm
Min height126 mm
Lifting/lowering time50 sek.
Power supply400V/3 Phasen
Motor power2,2 kW
Fuse protection16 A
Weight1400 kg


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