Other Vehicles

Steam is incredibly effective at cleaning and sanitizing the interior of vehicles, buses, trains and more.

Optima Steamer also is effective in cleaning big vehicles such as buses and trains because it reduces its cleaning hours with steam. It eliminates the hours of using chemicals and provides an effective sanitization for the entire vehicle. With no waste-water, you may easily clean an entire vehicle where it rests at your dealer shop.

Safely remove layers of debris and mold

Most powerful boats and sail boats are made of fiberglass, finished with a gel-layer coating that can be easily stained and damaged with conventional cleaning chemicals. In addition to the oxidizing of the gel-coat, the wooden and metal surfaces require cleaning regularly – the battle to keep rust & rot at bay is constant. The damage from water intrusion creates cracks or mold in some areas hard to reach. Vapor steam with its moderate pressure and temperature is the best tool for boat cleaning and prepping jobs. The light pressure of Optima Steamer penetrates and safely blasts away debris from surfaces.

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