Hydraulic Floor Jack- Trolley Jack

Rely on a Trustworthy Hydraulic Floor Jack- Trolley Jack for Safe, Efficient Auto Repairs

Every efficient auto repair workshop has a go-to garage jack to make it easier to work on their customers’ cars. Without this tool, it becomes riskier and more difficult to tackle any repair project that involves accessing a car’s undercarriage or wheels.

Problems a Workshop Trolley Jack Addresses

Standard consumer jacks may work in an emergency, but there are several reasons that auto repair shops rely on industrial-strength Hydraulic Floor Jack- Trolley Jack to conduct their work, day after day:

Heavy-duty equipment is built to withstand the strains of regular commercial-scale work. If a single jack is used on 15 cars a week, then it hoists nearly 900 cars each year. If it’s not built to withstand that workload, then it will fail on you due to the excessive strain that such repetitive use involves.

You can use a long reach trolley jack to maximise both reach and lift capacity, which is ideal for trucks, SUVs, and vans. The more flexibility that a jack gives your team, the more effectively your team can conduct repairs or parts replacements that they need.

When your team works more efficiently, you cut down the time it takes to complete the average repair job. Your current customers will be happy with the rapid turnaround time on their maintenance projects while at the same time, you can say “yes” to more potential clients who are on tight timeframes.

Our trolley jacks can make a genuine, positive impact on how you do business.

The Importance of Finding a Quality Heavy Duty Truck Jack

There are many truck jacks available on the market, but you might not know the difference between any two models without firsthand experience. Fortunately, there are ways that you can identify a high-quality model even if you’re new to the industry:

Find a supplier that uses the same equipment that they sell. If you purchase truck jacks from a company that doesn’t ever work on cars or trucks themselves, there’s no way that they can have the same kind of direct experience necessary to truly understand how reliable those truck jacks are.

Don’t judge Garage Jacks based on the price tag alone. Instead, try to find a supplier that’s as close to the source as possible. PWG directly imports and supplies our equipment, so we source it from the best manufacturers around the world while we keep costs low by removing intermediaries.

Protect yourself by using equipment that’s backed by an epic warranty. Any equipment that both the manufacturer and supplier stand behind is sure to be equipment that you can trust in your shop to deliver the results you need to be successful.

About PWG

We’ve been in the automotive repair industry since 1998. During that time, we’ve gained a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities that this kind of work presents. As a result, we’ve developed relationships with equipment manufacturers that have a longstanding reputation for quality, such as Jackaroo and Twin Busch. We dedicate ourselves to providing a highly useful service to auto repair shops across Australia, managing to supply, install, and service reliable equipment that keeps your business running. Contact us today to find out which garage jack is best suited for your shop.

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