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Uncover Diverse Options for a Car Tyre Changer

Among the equipment essential to providing a full range of services to customers, a car tyre changer is one of the most important. Not only does it immediately allow you to offer more services to clients, but it also makes changing tyres far safer and faster. Operated correctly, workshop staff can quickly replace all the tyres on a vehicle in a short service visit, improving customer satisfaction and shop reputation. Where should you look for a tyre changer that can handle car or truck tyres with ease? At PWG, we have the answer to that question.

Tips to Keep in Mind About Tyre Service Equipment

Before you begin seriously considering a purchase, it’s important to understand what to look for and what information you should remember while evaluating different options. Try these tips we’ve gleaned from our years of experience:

Don’t neglect the fact that different vehicles require different equipment. A tyre changer intended for use with passenger vehicles will not have the ability to work on tyres from larger vehicles, such as commercial trucks. We supply options for both, including hardware from both Twin Busch Germany and our own trusted Jackaroo line.

Durability is a necessity. Of all the equipment in your shop that takes daily punishment, tyre equipment has to be near the top. The process of removing and changing a tyre is a mechanically difficult one, and with overtime and many jobs, some equipment can begin to break down. We provide robust hardware designed to handle these tough tasks day in and day out when supported by regular maintenance.

What You Can Expect from PWG When You Want to Purchase a Tyre Changer in Sydney

Understanding what to look for and how to outfit your shop correctly is one thing; choosing a supplier is another. At PWG, we take our responsibility to provide you with dependable equipment very seriously. Here’s what you should expect when working with us:

A diverse selection that meets a variety of budgetary and functional requirements. Do you primarily work on trucks, for example? Let’s chat about the workload and any pain points you may have — we can suggest the ideal product from our catalogue to address those concerns.

The opportunity to enjoy a demonstration. Want to see how any of the equipment we offer works in person before you commit to an investment? Arrange to stop by our showroom for a personal demo.

Future access to professional repairs. Should your equipment break down, Pro Workshop Gear has a skilled team of technicians ready to pay a visit to your shop to diagnose faults and correct these concerns. When our clients need service, we arrive as quickly as possible.

Why Should You Buy from PWG?

From our attentive service and dedicated technical support to our ability to provide installation in your shop, PWG simplifies the process of procuring some of the most vital equipment mechanics need. Alongside our ability to offer a truck tyre changer, we also stock a range of hoist and lifting equipment, wheel alignment machines, and more general workshop equipment, such as air compressors. Build out an order online or contact us for direct assistance.

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