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Choosing a High or Mid Rise Car Scissor Lift

Could you benefit from adding a car scissor lift to your workshop? Do you know if the high or mid rise Scissors lift will be more beneficial for your shop? Whether you need to contend with lifting cars which run very low to the ground or you require a space-saving solution. Scissor lifts provide a versatile option that offers years of value to your business. At Pro Workshop Gear, we provide access to products of exceptional quality at price points. We make sure that it doesn’t break your business’s budget. Instead, we deliver a value-enriched service focused on providing our clients with precisely the products you require.

The Benefits of Installing a Car Scissor Lift in Your mechanical or tyre Shop

Why Scissor Lift?

Why choose a scissor lift instead of another type of car hoist? That’s an excellent question and one that deserves a detailed answer to earn your investment. Here are a few of the benefits to consider:

They require less space than other systems, such as a two- or 4-post hoist. While post hoists have their own set of distinct advantages, such as greater stability and more under-body access, they are often massive systems. When your shop is on the smaller side, scissor lifts deliver the same convenience without the premium on shop real estate.

Enjoy easier access to the vehicle across a range of different height settings. Raise the car high to inspect for damage or examine the wheels or keep it at a mid-level height to make removing the tyres for a rotation or a change much simpler. With powerful hydraulics, scissor lifts leave you ready to work in no time.

What You Can Expect from PWG Regarding Car Hoist Installation in Sydney

As mentioned, PWG can provide professional on-site installation of any hoist you purchase. When you enlist our assistance for such a project, what can you expect? Here’s how we strive to stand out:

A fixed price with no hidden fees or surprise last-minute charges. Negotiated in advance, we ensure that our clients can budget properly for the entirety of their workshop upgrade project, including installation. We don’t suddenly begin tacking on extra charges once we’re in your shop; PWG delivers a fair, honest experience to every client.

Complete end to end service, including delivery, testing, and a final handover. On the appointed day, our skilled technicians arrive at your shop on time and set to work. We assemble the entire scissor lift, test it thoroughly, and give you a rundown on its operation. Should you ever require car hoist service in Sydney-NSW  in the future, you can enjoy a similar experience for service vehicle hoist in NSW

About Pro Workshop Gear

Backed by more than three decades of experience in associated industries, the team behind PWG harmonises a diverse range of skills to deliver valuable opportunities to clients. By harnessing worldwide research into the best solutions to provide top-shelf products without the top-shelf sticker price, we can better support auto workshops maintaining vehicles, both small and large. To enlist our assistance in deciding about which Hoist or lift is appropriate for your shop, please find out how to get in touch today.

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