The Ultimate Guide To Purchase a car hoist

Our Car Hoists (Single Post, 2 Post, 4 Post Hoists) are well excepted by the mechanics and workshop owners. We even sell and service Truck Hoists in Sydney.

The main positives are: being very friendly users and a whole stack of features as we trained them on how to take benefit of the latest improvements.   

Problems Under-Hoist Jack Stands Can Help to Address

Alongside using whole vehicle solutions such as a 4-post hoist in your Sydney workshop you may also want to consider investing in under hoist Stand. What are some of the specific concerns you can address with this useful piece of equipment?

Support unstable or partially detached components of the vehicle during maintenance. The key idea behind using an under-hoist jack stand is to provide stability to something the main hoist cannot support. When you’re trying to avoid damage and injury when you are trying to Jack up a vehicle with a trolley Jack or air hydraulic Jack using a pair of Jack Stands is essential.

Free up your hands to work on a component that requires additional support. Sometimes you need to support something not to keep it out of the way, but so you can freely perform maintenance without the risk of dropping something.

Speaking of dropping things, under hoist strand and jack stands contribute to a safer working environment. We ensure that heavy vehicle and vehicle parts from do not fall onto mechanics at work.

Finding the right jack stand to support components in the vehicles you service is made even easier. We officer the ability to source all your hardware from the same supplier.

The Benefits of a 2-Post Hoist in Sydney from PWG or jackaroo

Alongside supporting equipment such as jack stands, our product catalog also comprises many different hoist options for elevating a car under maintenance in the first place. Choosing the right one, however, can prove challenging.

To help make your decision, consider some of the benefits of using a two-post system or four-post lift we can supply.

Save space in the workshop while still maintaining the ability to lift vehicles. Some lifts, such as four-post elevators, can be simpler to use in a drive-through configuration of Scissor Lifts but they take up far more area. A two-post hoist is economical with space.

Trust in the ability to receive service and support for your hoist whenever necessary. With an (epic 3-stage warranty) and experienced maintenance techs, we offer our clients plenty of long term value.

Why is PWG a Cost-Effective Choice for an Under-Hoist Stand?

At PWG, we’ve undertaken several measures to provide valuable service to our clients. From sourcing products from leading manufacturers such as Twin Busch to launching our Jackaroo brand, we’re able to pass savings on to consumers.

By bundling supply and install under one roof, we’re also able to help save time and space in your budget in other ways. Find out more directly when you contact us today.

We have partnered with Hoist Care to provide world-class installation and repair service.

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