TWX-00T, Twin Busch Germany, Truck Tyre Changer

The electro-hydraulic tire changer for trucks and industrial vehicles

Discription: Twin Busch Germany, Truck Tyre Changer TWX-00T


  • Top built quality with CE- certificate
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001
  • Top quality and massive construction
  • Extreme easy and convenient per Joystick
  • Movable controlling unit (Joystick)
  • Self-centered hydraulic 4 clamping jaw system
  • Clock and anticlockwise rotation of the clamp range from 14“-26“
  • Clamping jaws made of special steel
  • Hydraulic sliding carriage
  • Simultaneous movement of the chuck holder and tool carriage
  • Automatic tool rotation
  • Powerful E-Motor for supply- and return lines

Technical Data:

Clamping Capacity 14“ – 26“
Ø Tyre (max.) 1600 mm
Tyre weight (max.) 700 mm
Tyre weight (max.) 500 kg
Power supply 400V/3 phases
Motor power 1,5 kW
Weight (approx.) 670 kg
Package size 2000x1580x950