Car Hoist in Sydney

Explore a Cost-Effective Way to Acquire a Without a car hoist in Sydney, it can be challenging for an auto workshop to deliver the full range of services necessary to satisfy customers It is essential to have the ability to quickly raise a vehicle off the ground to make a thorough inspection of... ... read more.

Car Hoist

Make Auto Repairs Easier with a Truck or in Your Garage Something that sets successful repair shops apart is having a capable car hoist to make it easier to access vehicle undersides Your team will undoubtedly appreciate how these machines reduce their physical strain, which ensures that those... ... read more.

Car Scissor Lift in Sydney

Choosing a Made Simple Could you benefit from adding a car scissor lift to your Sydney workshop Whether you need to contend with lifting cars which run very low to the ground or you require a space-saving solution, scissor lifts provide a versatile option that offers years of value to your... ... read more.

Car Tyre Changer

Uncover Diverse Options for a Among the equipment essential to providing a full range of services to customers, a car tyre changer is one of the most important Not only does it immediately allow you to offer more services to clients, but it also makes changing tyres far safer and faster... ... read more.

Engine Cranes

Safely Access Even the Most Sensitive Auto Parts with When your repair shop has a line of clients waiting for service, engine cranes can help you cut down service time without risking any damage to the vehicles These helpful devices can make a significant difference regarding your overall... ... read more.

Garage Jack

Rely on a Trustworthy for Safe, Efficient Auto Repairs Every efficient auto repair workshop has a go-to garage jack to make it easier to work on their customers’ cars Without this tool, it becomes riskier and more difficult to tackle any repair project that involves accessing a car’s... ... read more.

Hydraulic Jacks

Find Dependable for Your Garage or Workshop Does your business use hydraulic jacks on a day-to-day basis Whether you run an automotive repair shop or an emergency roadside service, you need to have robust and dependable equipment to enable you to do your job At Pro Workshop Gear (PWG), we can... ... read more.

Jack Stand

Keep Your Workshop Safer with Products from PWG You should never use a hydraulic floor jack without also using a jack stand Jack stands help stabilise the vehicle and minimise the risk of it tumbling down as you change a tyre or take a look at the car’s underside At Pro Workshop Gear (PWG),... ... read more.

Truck Lift

PWG Can Supply, Install and Service Your Next PWG, Pro Workshop Gear is known for the high quality mechanical workshop equipment we import, supply, install, and service, including your next truck lift If your shop is servicing trucks, you need a lift that can handle the weight to get the job... ... read more.

Wheel Dolly

PWG Will Supply Your PWG, Pro Workshop Gear has been supplying shops across Australia with the best quality machines and equipment to help them service vehicles with ease, and that includes a wheel dolly When your shop is at its busiest, it can get cramped quickly, and this is where a wheel... ... read more.